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Video | iNterGine iSA Training #1. INTRODUCTION.


Training VIDEO 1

The iNterGine iSA sells the fastest delivered, most full featured and lowest cost, dynamic websites, to the public. These sales are accomplished on the various freelancing websites which also handle secure payments between customers and iNterGine iSA's. This job is a work from home, "remote work" opportunity.

In the video below we listen to an introduction to iNterGine and some of basic information you will want to know about the platform and what it is used for in the iSA role. The concepts involved during the discussion are at the over-view level and not complex in any way. This is straight talk in plain language on how anyone can leverage the iNterGine platform to go into business for themselves on the popular freelance sites. Also shown are links to many resources like the training and help sites as well as the self-help resources and some other benefits that are available to anyone who cares to learn about them. Having a general understanding as to why (?)  there are so many potential customers looking for people who can deliver a website within a short time frame and for a very low cost is crucial to performing well in this role. The problem is that websites take time and energy to produce and the fastest solution available to solve this problem is iNterGine.

There is zero need to wait longer than one second for a website that exceeds customer expectations and the capabilities of all the similarly priced offerings of the other service providers on all the freelancing sites. iNterGine can solve the issue instantly and with your help customers can get what they want sooner and for less than they could have dreamed it was going to cost.